Mental Health Care,
For Everyone.

A seamless way of booking therapy with a psychologist on any device, at any time.

The Mind You platform is a personalised dashboard that offers you the ability to book sessions with a psychologist whenever you want, wherever you are.

A personalised and intuitive dashboard.

The Mind You platform is everything you need in one place.

Register for an account and book a session with one of our licensed psychologists in a few simple steps.

Mind You Platform Features

Understand yourself like never before.

Watch videos and read articles on how to improve your mental health to help supplement your sessions.

Feel the power of affirmations: view your personalised word cloud and a wellness quote that is updated daily to get you in the right frame of mind for the day.

Our new Mind & Body Tool gives you a unique perspective of how your mental, physical and emotional needs are all connected.

  • Identify which parts of your life are being significantly affected by stress
  • Discover activities that can help you improve the quality of your life
  • Understand your thresholds which will provide a basis for self-improvement
  • Receive your results instantly

This tool, coupled with a series of sessions with our psychologists will create the building blocks for you to flourish, wherever you are on your journey in life.

Get to know your psychologist.

When you book a session, you will be able to learn more about our diverse range of psychologists: from their backgrounds, to their specialities and spoken languages within the platform.

The power of speaking to someone.

It gives you an opportunity to unload your mind in a judgment-free space

You are equipped with coping strategies for life’s stressors

Your self-awareness increases

It reduces stress and anxiety about life’s challenges

You will feel a greater sense of self-confidence

You will feel a greater sense of self-confidence

Mind You Platform Features

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